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Do You Know Your Spots?

Kathleen "Kat" Keesling - Publisher

Over a decade ago, as a professional voiceover actor living in Mancos, Colorado, I donated my voice for a special cause, Skin Cancer Prevention. 

I worked on this shortly after writing a blog article on "Driver's Side Skin Cancer". (I need to find that and repost that some day. In the meantime, there is this article: )

Though the video was a huge success earning a 2009 Gold Triangle Award from The American Academy of Dermatology, I still lost.

I lost three friends in ten years to this cancer.

The most recent loss was just a couple weeks ago.

Because of this most recent loss, I thought I should talk about it and maybe dig up some sign of the video somewhere...

...and, I found it!

Please watch this video, and while laughing at how much technology has improved video and voice quality like I did, I hope you also take this information in as something important to know.

Skin cancer is treatable, but it must be caught in time!

Once you have finished watching this video, you may want to explore some ways to reduce your risk of Skin Cancer by using sunscreen.

Here are some common sunscreen mistakes...


I will close this short message by including the two facts about skin cancer I will never forget:

  1. * It is most common on the left side of the body in the United States due to sun exposure while driving a vehicle, a time when most people feel no need to wear sunscreen.
  2. * You can get cancer in very intimate areas where very little, if any, sun can reach. A friend caught on to this fact too late, but wanted to share this fact with me when she was diagnosed. She died six weeks later.

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