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22nd Judicial District Nominating Committee Opening

“... as of right now the western part of Dolores County has no representation on this important committee on judges that are appointed to our area.”

Applications have opened for vacancies on eleven Judicial Committees in Colorado. One of the committees with a vacancy for a non-attorney is the 22nd Judicial Committee which includes Montezuma County and Dolores County.

Judicial nominating committees are composed of members of the Judicial District. Whenever a vacancy occurs, the committee will review the potential applicants, conduct interviews, and make a decision on who they think will be the best fit for the position. This recommendation is then sent up to the governor, who will decide who the new judge will be.

As stated in Colorado's Judicial Branch official article on Judicial Nominating Committees, "Each judicial district nominating commission consists of seven citizens residing in that judicial district. No more than four members can be from the same political party, and there must be at least one voting member from each county in the district. In all districts with populations of more than 35,000, the voting members consist of three people admitted to practice law in Colorado and four people not admitted to practice law in Colorado. In judicial districts with populations under 35,000, at least four voting members are people not admitted to practice law in Colorado. It is determined by majority vote of the governor, attorney general and chief justice how many, if any, of the remaining three members will be persons admitted to practice law in Colorado."

Dolores County had a population of 2074 in 2018 and Montezuma County had a population of 26,158 in 2018. This leads to a total of 30,000 people in this judicial district. Currently there are 4 people serving on the Committee. Daniel Porter is a non-attorney Democrat fro.m Lewis. His term will end on December 31 of 2020. Keenen Lovett is a Republican attorney from Cortez. Kinsey Ertel is an Unaffiliated non-attorney from Cortez. Erin Johnson is currently representing Dolores County as a Democratic attorney living in Rico. Committee members serve 6 year terms.  

"Initial application review and consideration will begin on Oct. 30, 2020. Applications may be made only online at the State of Colorado Boards and Commissions Application page at Applicants should include a current resume or biography where indicated on the application.“ 

Many residents wrote to Governor Polis to support a candidate for the seat without any feedback as to whether he even received the emails. Rico and Dove Creek are also very different areas of the county, and as of right now the western part of Dolores County has no representation on this important committee on judges that are appointed to our area.

If you are interested in representing Dove Creek and Cahone on the 22nd Judicial Nominating Committee, submit your application.  If the position is filled by a member of Dove Creek or Cahone, it would ensure a more balanced and fair representation of voices in our our county. 

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