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McPhee "Spill" Starts May 21st

Memorial Day Rates Expected at 1,200 CFS

According to a statement issued by Eric Sprague of the Dolores Conservancy District, McPhee Reservoir have begun temperature suppression flows on May 14th.

Currently, these flows are approximately 100 CFS above and beyond the current releases of 40 CFS to support the fisheries. 

McPhee will begin its "Spill: on Tuesday, May 21st. The rate of increase of the managed release will be 400 CFS per day, with expectation of 1,200 CFS by May 24th.

This rate will be maintained throughout Memorial Day weekend.

The release will then be reduced to 800 CFS on the Tuesday following the holiday through Thursday, May 30th.

These rates of flow are based off of modeled volumes and forcasted weather, and can change without notice.

It is recommended that you check conditions and flow rates before heading on or near the water. 

Dolores Water Conservancy

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