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Extension Notes: Dolores County Fair

The fair will kick off with the exhibit check-in on Thursday August 6th.

Before I get into our County Fair I have an important announcement we all must be aware of. There have numerous reports from across the state (one here in Dove Creek I am aware of) of people receiving unsolicited packages of seeds in the mail that appear to have originated from China and other countries and labeled as containing jewelry or other items.

Unsolicited seeds could be invasive, introduce diseases to local plants, or be harmful to livestock.

Anyone who receives an unsolicited package of seeds should immediately contact the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Plant Industry Division at or at 303- 548-5333. You may also contact the Dolores County Extension Office and I can give you guidance or take these off of your hands and contact the Colorado Dep. of Ag.

Please hold onto the seeds and packaging in its original package safely, including the mailing label, until someone from the Colorado Department of Agriculture contacts you with further instructions.

Do not plant seeds from unknown origins, and do not put the seeds in the trash, which could ultimately end up in the landfill and then sprout. Now for the fun stuff!

It is almost time for the Dolores County Fair Week and we are all excited for a big weekend. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE COUNTY FAIR BOOKLET

The fair will kick off with the exhibit check-in on Thursday August 6th.

We are very excited to hold our 3rd Annual Ice Cream Social on the evening of August 7th along with a Children’s Small Animal Show.

The exhibits will be open to the public all day Friday so come out and have a look. Friday is the only day the Fair exhibits will be open to the public.

We will also hold the final Junior Rodeo on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately we are unable to host spectators for the rodeos due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The County Fair is the culmination of the work our 4-H Members have been putting into their projects over the last year. These young folks put an incredible amount of effort into their projects and it is really cool to have the 4-H projects on display where the community can come see what they have done. They impress me every year and I know this year will be no different.

They have had to put forth a great deal of self-determination work ethic due to the impacts that COVID has faced us with. Our 4-Hers were unable to meet with project leaders face to face for much of the year and have done a great job of taking the initiative to work through their projects without direct support from our leaders.

Our wonderful leaders stopped at nothing to offer all of the support they possibly could with the situation and I thank them very much for that.

Gardens and field crops are looking good, especially after the much needed moisture this year so I am hoping we get a good turnout. We have some wonderful farmers and gardeners and I can’t wait to see what is entered. If you have a garden, don’t be shy and enter some produce.

Fairs have been around for a long time. These gatherings date back to ancient Rome where fairs were holidays. In the middle ages of Europe fairs became a sort of temporary market place for long distance trade. Fairs were the locations where tradesman would be able to meet those who either would buy or sell the goods they needed. These events would usually take place annually. Because of the great numbers of people attending these gatherings a Royal Charter was needed to hold such an event. Privileges to hold a fair was limited to towns or places of power with a sheriff or governor to keep the peace and mitigate the riots and disturbances that would come from these large groups of people from all over.

In modern times fairs are still central gathering places to display animals, produce and many other goods. In the USA fairs are implemented through the county.

The County Fair is the opportunity to bring the communities throughout the county together while showcasing the work and production the community members have accomplished.

The County Fair is very important especially in a county as diverse, rural and geographically separated as Dolores County. Come to the Fair and see what everyone is up to. I look forward to seeing to there!

If you have questions give us a call at the Extension Office or look for a Fair Book around town.

Information provided by CSUCE and Dolores County.

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