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  • Stateline Bar & Grill
    @2020 M Cokenour

Stateline Bar & Grill

by "Food Adventures of A Comfort Cook"
The Country Fried Steak is a large, crispy coated, tender steak draped with mild sausage gravy.

Opening in 2014, Stateline brought to Dove Creek, Colorado a much needed bar scene and restaurant. However, owners, Tim and Shelly Meyer felt there was something missing. It was something that, they did not have, nor did any other restaurant; and that was brunch. Oh sure, breakfast was offered Monday through Friday, maybe on Saturday, definitely not on Sunday; but it was over by 11am. Now between you and me, who does not enjoy a nice brunch on a Sunday, or even breakfast for lunch in general?

Stateline Bar and Grill still uses local sources for their food supplies, so adding breakfast items to the shopping list was easy. Baked goods such as buttery croissants and bread for French toast; bacon, thick ham, sausage for patties. Blueberry syrup for thick waffles, or mild sausage gravy over biscuits and country fried steak are house made. So are the waffles and French toast, and the maple syrup is real!

We dined on the Breakfast Croissant Sandwich, and the Country Fried Steak. The croissant is extra-large, flaky and butter infused; choosing scrambled for the eggs was a great choice. The eggs were fluffy and needed no seasonings or condiments to compliment them. The bacon was crispy and melt in the mouth delicious; cheddar cheese connected all the ingredients of this sandwich perfectly. A fruit cup featuring pineapple, cantaloupe and honey dew melon was the accompanying side.

The Country Fried Steak is a large, crispy coated, tender steak draped with mild sausage gravy. Hash browns and toast of choice are sides. Being used to black pepper gravy, the sausage gravy was an unexpected, yet taste bud pleasing change. The crispiness of the coating gave a nice crunch to the chewing experience.

Luckily, another couple nearby, had ordered different dishes, so we were able to see what they entailed. The Stateline features two eggs, bacon strips or sausage patties and hash browns.

The gentleman who ordered this, and the rest of us dining, were shocked to see how large and fluffy a serving of two scrambled eggs he received. If they tasted anything like the ones in my croissant sandwich, he would be eating every bite. The sausage patties were large and nicely grilled.

Now his wife ordered the Waffle, and it was a classic Belgium style waffle that overflowed off the plate. Well now, they must have been really hungry, as the Avocado Toast special was also ordered, and it sure did look good!

Along with breakfast, we had coffee and water for our beverages. Lovers of strong coffee will definitely enjoy Stateline’s. It comes in a large, pastel colored mug; one sip and you will think you are a hobbit, as the hair will be growing out of your toes.

Stateline Bar and Grill’s Brunch will be a boon to this restaurant, especially with the influx of travelers along Highway 491. Locals, of course, will have a new choice for lunch on Saturday and Sunday…breakfast!

Stateline Bar and Grill

69576 Highway 491 (just east of the Utah/ Colorado borderline) Dove Creek, Colorado, 81324

Dove Creek, Colorado, 81324

Phone: (970) 677-2649



Hours of Operation: 11am - 9pm, Thursday thru Sunday 

Brunch: 11am - 2pm, Saturday and Sunday

Mary Cokenour is a local food blogger. You can find her food blog: "Food Adventures of a Comfort Cook" at:

Dove Creek Press

PO Box 598
321 Main St.
Dove Creek, CO 81324

DUNS: 080898818