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How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking(and so much else)


“One week” of virtual programming throughout the month of July. Every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon starting July 7th Techstars Startup Week West Slope is a free, multi-day, “choose your own adventure” meeting of the entrepreneurial minds and celebration of the #WestSlopeBestSlope way of doing business.

Every person is capable of more than they know, yet we alone stop ourselves from stepping into that possibility. Statistically, 8 of 10 people fear public speaking more than death, which makes public speaking a great arena to explore our fears, how we hold ourselves back, and what we need to do about it. During this session, audiences will explore the neuroscience of fear and what happens during our flight or fight experience, and learn research-based strategies to effectively manage fears and increase confidence. The presentation utilizes Krista’s personal journey to overcome the fear of public speaking with research, neuroscience, and a whole bunch of “hacks” that will leave the audience laughing – but most importantly relating – to the fact that we all can overcome fear in our lives.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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