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San Juan Record (Monticello) – The coronavirus is hitting San Juan County hard. Thirty-three residents and 17 workers at the Four Corners Regional Care Center in Blanding tested positive and eight San Juan County residents died in a week. The number of people who tested positive in the week before the July 15 newspaper was 65 and the number now totals 481. On the bright side, 377 patients are considered recovered. ∞ The San Juan County Commission voted 2-1 to oppose a letter of support for Bureau of Land Management oil and gas leases. Commissioner Willie Grayeyes expressed concern that the areas proposed for the oil and gas lease sale have not been studied for cultural resources. Commissioner Bruce Adams argued that the leases would generate tax money for the county, and if a well is proposed in a particular area, it will be studied for cultural resources. Grayeyes wasn’t convinced. He said, “There is a trick to every process with the BLM. No matter how you look at it, there will be a disturbance.” Commissioner Kenneth Maryboy agreed with Grayeyes. He said, “After the lease is sold, it would be very unlikely that the BLM will tell the leaser that they will not be able to drill.” ∞ Energy Fuels wants to accept more alternate feed material including 22 tons of uranium from Estonia. The County wrote a letter in opposition to the change. The letter says that the County is concerned about the long-term effects of such an operation. Approval of that letter was also by a 2-1 margin. ∞ A wildfire burned 120 acres of state and BLM land east of Blanding. The fire caused a power outage in Blanding and, oddly enough, was determined to have been caused by power lines or at least to be related to power lines.


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