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Dolores County Addressing Information

The Dolores County Addressing Office would like to inform residents of the following addressing information.

The local jurisdictions are the addressing and road/street naming authorities as given by Colorado Statute. First, Dolores County’s main concern for re-assigning addresses in Dolores County is for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Dolores County. Since the re-addressing has taken place, it has helped our local emergency responders immensely. Addresses are now uniform in assignment according to the Dolores County approved address grid.

Our addressing system is based on a simple grid system, AKA the mile system. Numbering starts over at the beginning of each grid line and increases there at a rate of 1000 per grid measured to the driveway. For an addressing system to work properly, roads names must match the grid, and that is why many road names have been renamed. There are many other counties with a decimal point in the county road name.

Our county road and address information has been sent to Google Maps and other internet mapping companies. Google Maps does not update data quickly because they get many map request changes daily.

We realize this has been a tedious task changing your address and there are issues such as: receiving packages from UPS & Fed Ex, and ordering items on the internet.

Below are helpful tips to note in regards to your address:

In some cases, when ordering items online the internet won’t accept your address and you get a message, “Address Not Validated”. Keep proceeding forward even with that message and most of the time the address will get accepted.

This is happening to addresses in the Town of Dove Creek as well,

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