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  • Dolores/Norwood Road Temporarily Closed Under Order of Sheriff's Office
    Dolores County Search and Rescue at Dolores / Norwood

Dolores/Norwood Road Temporarily Closed Under Advice of Sheriff's Office

According to a public message sent on from Dolores County Office of Emergency Management on Monday, January 6, 2020, the Dolores County Sheriff's Office advised the public of the closure of the Dolores/Norwood Road in Dolores County due to unsafe winter road conditions.

This closure was a response to numerous missions to rescue motorists either stuck or stranded in Dolores County. The message came only one day after two rescues on Sunday, January 5th. According Dolores County Search and Rescue Captain, Keith Keesling, "In the last 30 days, Dolores County Search and Rescue was activated 6 times by the Dolores County Sheriff’s Office – once on Christmas Eve – and twice on Sunday alone. Most of the calls were due to motorists attempting to drive the Dolores/ Norwood road and who became stuck and stranded."

He also shared that Sheriff’s deputies responded to other stuck motorists off the maintained byways.

Keesling advised to "Tell Google Maps to NOT give you the “shortest route!"

The official closure is at the bridge just north of the pumping station. Approx. mm15 and at the San Miguel County Line. According to a resident comment on Facebook, "the road isn't pushed beyond intersection with the Cottonwood road, aproximately a quarter mile south of the bridge."

The temporary closure is an effort to protect the health, safety, and welfare of county residents and visitors to Dolores county.

This closure does not affect on-snow vehicles. as winter recreation is always allowed.

Contact the Dolores County Sheriff's Office at 970-677-2257 for more info on this closure.

Keesling expressed gratitude to "all the volunteers that make up our county SAR teams (here and in Rico). "

The yearly tally was over 20 missions involving the rescue/ retrieval of over 40 individuals.

Rescues ranged from hypothermic river boaters to injured mountain climbers, from lost hikers to body recoveries. That’s a mission almost every other week for 2019.

The Dolores County teams finished the year strong – and started the new year off quickly, unfortunately.

Keesling added, "We are all looking forward to what appears to be another busy season in 2020, and most likely another eventful rafting season."

"To the people of our county (and beyond): Thank you for all your donations, support and well-wishes. Thank you for all your “likes”, etc. on our Facebook page. We look forward to serving you both “out there” and at this year’s Pick n’ Hoe.

Keesling also wanted to welcome any interested parties to join this hard-working team.. "We’ll always take on new volunteers. If you’d like to help, call me at 970-769-0005 or leave word with the Dolores County Sheriff’s Office at 970-677-2257."

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