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Dove Creek Chamber Pick 'n' Hoe Update


This past weekend we had two successful Dove Creek PnH Entrepreneurial Fundraisers (standing in for this year’s lack of “royalty” coordination). Together, along with local and area Businesses who are the backbone financial support for the big ticket items of the event, I’m pleased to share that this is helping to move the funding forward as July 4th is just 27 days away…

The Side by River Poker Run was such great fun, and everyone was so generous - and a successful bake sale and chance drawing tickets sales are also adding up! Don’t forget: save the date for June 29th Poker Road Run fundraising for the Pick n Hoe. There’s still time if you’d like to host an “Entrepreneurial Pnh Fundraiser” - we need all the help we can get!

So though we’re not there yet, we are moving in the right direction! Here are some other happenings: for money to fund the Kids Games, which will be Chaired by Kellie Halper stepping up to help make this year succeed (many Thanks!), there is a “Chicken Poo Bingo” board in play - you can select squares at $10/ each, on a 10 x 10 square platform - when all are taken, we will ‘release the chicken’ into the bingo board pen… and which ever square she poos on first is the winner! That will raise $500 for the Pick n Hoe event, and $500 goes to the square owner.

Go online to Facebook, or the Dove Creek Chamber website - and call email or messenger to make a selection and donate for a chance poo spot. The Chicken release will be videoed live to Facebook so all can see the excitement!

If you have a plan for a peripheral Pick ’n’ Hoe event that as a business or group you’d like to include in the schedule - please contact the DC Chamber and we’ll help to promote it. As a community event, together we shall succeed. Note: We are still looking for a “cook shack” chairperson to coordinate the happenings after the meat is pulled from the pit - so that includes managing the sides, and the plating and serving volunteers. Feel free to suggest a friend or group that could do it if you aren’t able - and we’d love to see a continued momentum for engagement of our younger community members. If they can participate and feel the connection to this long standing tradition, then the future will be bright!

Let’s continue to “Grow the Future - Together!” 970-560-2856

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