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Dove Creek Resident Fights For Her Life After highway 491 Head On Collision Last Sunday

Three people, two of them residents of Dove Creek, as well as a friend of both residents, were critically injured when their vehicle was involved in a head on collision with a tractor trailer

The accident at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning on Highway 491 near the IFA yard, south of the Sale Barn.

Due to the snow storm, the road conditions throughout the area were treacherous. There were snow drifts, ice, slush, and low visability conditions.

Although there was worry that a child was involved, all occupants of the vehicle were adults.

One female passenger of the vehicle, 19 year old Mariah Green, was fully ejected from the vehicle on impact, and at the time of this article, is fighting for her life at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction.

The male driver is still in critical condition, but is recovering and off life support.

The other female passenger suffered a severe scalp injury, but is expected to recover.

Their names are being withheld as a courtesy to the victims and families to allow for privacy during this critical time of healing. When we have permission, we will share the information.

The family of Mari-ah Green asks everyone, whether you know Mariah or not, for your prayers and healing thoughts.

On Monday Patricia Smith, Mariah's Aunt wrote :

"... She has completed two complicated surgeries on her brain. She has two punctured lungs and a ruptured spleen and liver. She is also on life support because she is not breathing on her own! She has severe swelling and trauma to her brain."

On January 8th, she provided an update to share that prayers were still needed and to "thank EACH OF YOU for the outpouring love, support, prayers and kind words you have been sending for Mariah. Our family is so grateful and beyond blessed to have people near and far, people we don’t know and have never met, praying and supporting our Mari-ah!!"

She continues to share that there "haven’t been any changes to Mariah’s condition. She is in a coma and needing some extra rest after all her body has endured. We haven’t given up hope and we aren’t giving up hope!!!

We are praying for a #MiracleForMariah & we ask our family, friends & community to continue in prayer with us. Jesus taught, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20). We believe with the power of prayer that Mariah will gain strength and will soon come out of her coma. Her precious body needs healing after this tragic accident and we pray God gives her just that!!!!

Please also keep Mariah’s Mother, April in your prayers as only one can imagine how a Mother has to watch her daughter go through such a painful and traumatic accident. My Sister June has been by Mariah’s bedside with April as well, so please pray for strength for my Sisters as they continue the fight for Mariah.

We are so blessed by all of you. Thank you again for all the outpouring love you have given for Mariah and our family!!!!

If anything changes, I will be sure to post an update. For now, let’s all pray for a #MiracleFor-Mariah. THANK YOU ALL!! "

Residents have been asking how to help and how to share their best wishes. The Press reached out to ask for an address for this reason. Patricia Smith shared an address that can be used for cards, notes of encouragement, and any other encouragement or help.

Mariah Green

269 1/2 Allyce Ave Orchard Mesa, CO 81503

Dove Creek Press

PO Box 598
321 Main St.
Dove Creek, CO 81324