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  • Photo by Keith Keesling Search and Rescue members in photo (left to right): Tristen Jarmon, Jeremy Lawrence, Matt Reid, Athena Boyd Dolores County Search and Rescue "Digging" their Snow Mitigation Mission!
  • Photo by Tommy Rippee Search and Rescue members in photo (left to right): Jeremy Lawrence, Matt Reid, Tristen Jarmon, Rachelle King, Keith Keesling, Jessica Denison, Athena Boyd Dolores County Search and Rescue proudly wearing their "Digs" provided by the

The Spirit of Christmas arrived

The Spirit of the Holidays has finally come – albeit a little late. What do I mean? The story takes some time, so here is the shortened version...

Saturday morning, members of our Search and Rescue gathered together to drive to a Dolores County citizen’s home to shovel their snow. The resident was unable to do so for several reasons. His vehicle, if needed, was plowed in and the ambulance, also if needed, would not have been able to get a gurney to his home. It was concerning to the powers that be, and so volunteered us to do the deed.

It was heartwarming to have SAR members give up a chunk of their weekend to help out a person who wasn’t just lost, injured or missing. “Just”? What a weird choice of wording, lol! Granted, with a group of us it took no time at all – 15-20 minutes, maybe? But, the pre-event planning and post event lunch took up the whole morning!

You can tell we haven’t had much in the way of missions lately – an awesome, yet terrible thing. Depends on your perspective. So, the shoveling was treated as a type of “training” exercise.

The mission was accomplished, we all came home safely and only two shovels were destroyed in the making. Yeah, we broke two shovels in 15 minutes. Or, maybe they were broken on purpose to get out of the work? Hmmm….

Then, on Sunday, I drove to Dove Creek in the storm to install a new water pump in my plow/ water truck. Not a terrible job; just takes awhile without a shop and power tools.

Then, I drove home, mounted the plow and plowed our driveway. That work finished, I continued down the path of being a “good” husband and went back to town to plow the parking lots at the Press for it’s Editor in Chief/Publisher/El Jefe Grande (my wife) well after dark.

Oh, and I had to mount, and unmount, the chains twice. I also had to wear snow pants all day. (Feel my pain!)

Then, I got the plow truck high-centered and stuck in front of the office. (I blame the town – their snowbanks were too high.)

Now, I was tired, hungry and angry at myself – and did I mention that I had to wear pants all day?

Into the mess, enters a hero!

Who is that masked man – that hero! Well, he wasn’t masked. But, it was one of our own that stopped to ask if I needed help. Who, you say? Auuuuustiiiiiin Meyyyyyyyerrrrrrrrrr, come on down!

Austin Meyer, that is. He quickly ran home, grabbed a tractor and drove back and yanked me out. Thank you, thank you! Sincerely, thanks. I was sooooo ready to get back home and sleep.

So, the spirit of the holidays descended on me after all. Great people doing great things. Now, I have to get my neighbors drive plowed too. Yep, sorry guys, I drove all over the county to help someone when you needed help right next door. Feel a little silly now.

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