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From the Desk of the CED, Paul R White

I have decide to hang up and walk off into the Sunset. I'm retiring! I plan to fish, hunt, and harass the local Farmers and Ranchers. After 30 years, 26 as CED in Montezuma County and 20 years in Shared Management with Dolores/San Miguel Counties Colorado I've seen and felt the changes of the season as much if not more than the producer and ranchers of the area. I've worked through 6 Farm Bills and way to many Droughts to ever want to see a drought again. Several Government Shutdowns that are strictly political and really never solve anything. I would like to extend an invite to the Ag Summit for I think each of you would get something out of it. Knowledge is a powerful thing and have an opportunity to hear about and learn about and make contact with people who can assist you as you recover from 2018.

As I retire I wish each of you and your families the very best; prosperity, excellent health, and success in your business ventures. Good Luck!!

Paul R White, Retired

Please contact CED Paul White, County Executive Director, at (970) 565-9045 or (970) 677-2229, or for Farm Loans, please contact LO Ron Posey, Farm Loan Officer, at (970) 529-8356,

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