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I have not talked to all of you lately. Cannot believe nearly a year has gone by. I want to publicly thank Mr. Frazier and the crew for getting up in the early hours and getting after the snow and clearing the roads so we can get to work and get the kids to school. I know it has been an inconvenience for a good number of us in where to put all of the snow but we as a community are getting it done. The moisture is doing quite a bit of damage to the streets and the pot holes are showing up. We will be filling those potholes as soon as possible. Be careful and try to avoid them if possible. The added moisture getting into the sewer mains is something we are dealing with and we hope to be raising those water lids up to match the grade of the streets over the summer. One of items on the list concerning our sewer system is a request of all of us. We are finding disposable wipes, feminine products, rubber gloves, underwear, bow ties, balloons, etc. They are being flushed and the guys are having to clean them off the bar screens and out of the pipes in the system. Not very much fun. This kind of contaminates is catching on the tree roots in everyone’s lines as well. The answer is and would be very much appreciated if you put those items in the trash and not flush them.

Next on the list is the water dock. The new facility should be in place, weather permitting, and operational sometime in April. Please be patient with us for the inconvenience as we adapt to the new system. The numbers turned into us was 84% accountability of water for the month of January. That is a good number.

I have been told that there will not be any shortage of water for the Town of Dove Creek for this year and into next year from the District. We are moving forward with an agreement with Montezuma Water that in case of an extended drought or emergency that we as two entities will be tying our systems together with valves, meters and backflow prevention to fill the needs of the people as a secondary back up system. Montezuma Water does not get their water through the canal but through the tunnels giving us a supply of water when and if the canal could not be filled. We are moving forward with the Bureau of Reclamation, Dolores Water District, and State Water Commissioner to add an alternate point of diversion for our water at the river and taking it up stream and running it through the canal or through the tunnels. This will further protect our water right from the wells. We will be moving forward with repairing the lines from the river to our reservoir instead of the incredible amount of dollars being asked of us the taxpayers to replace the entire system and new pumps. This will be done over a period of time as monies are available. We will be setting monies aside to try and work on it each year until we see water at the reservoir. We just felt that we did not want to encumber the town with that amount of debt to totally replace the system.

Next, I need your help as a community to keep your eyes on the Dove Creek Cemetery. I am getting tired of people riding snow mobiles going cross country in the Cemetery and what is it that trucks cannot seem to stay on the road and go across the top of headstones and drop off the little rock ledge as the exit the Cemetery. We have put up green tee posts to show where the road is. I have put up with it for too long. IF it does not stop I will close the gates and the only entrance will be by the walk in gate. The only time traffic will be allowed is for services and Holidays. Please! Have respect for our loved ones. The Dolores County Cemetery Board has been wanting me to do it for years and I have not. I like the fact that we can drive up through their and show our respect on our time schedule. If you see someone please report it.

Thank You for listening.

Brett D. Martin

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