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The Journal (Cortez) – Congress approved a new farm bill and changed the status of hemp. Federally it is now legal to grow hemp. It has been legal in Colorado, but the Federal problem prohibited using irrigation water that had federal ties. Farmers will also be eligible for low interest loans which hasn’t been the case in the past. The new classification will also simplify seed production and availability. Newly elected Montezuma County Commissioner Jim Candelaria said he isn’t a farmer, but he was so interested in hemp that he planted some. ∞ More than 10,000 tons of radioactive material has been delivered to the White Mesa Uranium Mill south of Blanding. It came from the Sequoyah Fuels plant near Gore, OK. The White Mesa mill will process and refine the uranium into yellow cake to fuel nuclear power plants. But not everyone is happy. Some residents of the White Mesa community worry that they are downstream and get their water from wells. Energy Fuels, which operates the mill, has applied for an additional 80 acres of containment ponds in which to store radioactive waste. ∞ Montezuma County Commissioners offered the job of County Administrator to Landfill Manager Shak Powers. ∞ Holly Lynn Buffington-Yates was killed in a car crash December 16 and hundreds of Montezuma County resident celebrated her life in a ceremony December 22.

San Juan Record (Monticello) – Rebecca Benally and Phil Lyman retired from the San Juan County Commission (Lymon was elected to the Utah Legislature). Benally called for better cooperation between the Navajo Tribe and San Juan County, and Lyman said he wished things could get back to the good old days when anything you do didn’t require a permit. ∞ San Juan County health officials conducted a mock anthrax outbreak at a high school basketball game. About 25 participants filled out paper work and were prescribed either M & Ms or skittles. ∞ The community of Bluff is hosting a balloon festival January 18-20.

The Mountain Ear (Nederland) – Hub Ned provides a workplace for people who work on the Internet. They provide a revved-up Internet service that is about 20 times faster than high speed Internet. The business celebrated a one-year anniversary in December. Membership to Hub Ned includes discounts to area services from fitness to eating out.

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