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Fa La La La la ...... foosball!!

Nope, not dead. But, those of you who live in Dove Creek already know that. I just took some time off from the “Father of the Year” column.

Hey, its not like I cant, right? I’m a non-owning, non-paid, non-anything contributor. Yeah, I DO love my wife; which is more binding than any paycheck.

But why, you ask? I’d like to say its because I was being such a great dad that I had nothing to write about – in the messing up department, that is. Ha! That’d be the day!

Life just got busy, and real, and I just didn’t have it in me. Hopefully, that’s all in the past now. On to bigger and more ridiculous things….

I bought an old foosball table, for next to nothing, and brought it home. Well, I made the boys help me load and carry it - then, I made them wedge that big heavy booger into the living room. I then spent half of the next day fixing it up and cleaning it to look like new.

It looks GREAT sitting in the middle of the living room! However, I had to move all of the furniture out of the room to be able to squeeze it in. It’s a game room now, I think? Not probably winning “Husband of the Year” for that.

My sister and I played foosball religiously in the 70s at my parent’s bowling alley. We were awesome! We would play for table rights and usually hold it until our parents made us go to bed. We even almost won an adult tournament (2nd ) – when I was 8 and she was 10. What a blast. I can still feel the grips on that old West German Duetscher Meister single-goalie, ramp-cornered table if I close my eyes.

Today, American-made tables are mostly a three-goalie setup without the ramps. Hate them, lol. The official table of World Championship Foosball (yep, there is such a thing – and attempting to be an Olympic sport, too) is the ONE-goalie table. Enough said.

Still fun on the Harvard that I have in the living - er, game room now with the three goalies. First day of play: several hours of children playing – and dad is still the reigning, undefeated champion.

(We would have played longer; but, I think we were driving Kat crazy with all the noise while she was trying to put this paper together.) Ok, ok. Not exactly fair. I have about twenty thousand more games in than they do. No need to tell them that though – just let them think I’m great naturally, lol.

Christmas….ugh. I think I’m a bit “Grinchy” this year. Maybe. Probably because it seemd we had a Christmas-worth of shopping every month for the past three months. New phones, computers, clothes, tuition, etc. It seems a bit anti-climactic now. But, everyone needed new stuff; and, sometimes you just can’t wait to purchase them.

So, this year, most of their presents will be the empty boxes of what they already opened and are already wearing/using. Get over it, eh?

We still love you and all! Besides, you little rugrats never buy me anything. Oh yeah, that’s because I usually spend too much money buying my own Christmas presents….

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