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Three Local Agencies Receive Micro-Grant Awards at SIPA User Conference

The 2019 SIPA (Statewide Internet Portal Authority) User Conference was held today, April 16, 2019 at the Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center in Downtown Denver.

The day's events included guest speakers and trainings on the State Internet Portal Authority and closed with a micro-grant award ceremony.

Included with other Awardees from the State of Colorado, three local agencies from Dolores County were awarded micro-grants this year:

  • The Town of Dove Creek - Represented by Crystal Broderick
  • Dolores County - Represented by Keith Keesling
  • Dove Creek Ambulance District - Accepted by Keith Keesling


SIPA received 89 applications from governments across the State, including state agencies, local county governments, municipalities, K-12 Public Schools, institutions of higher education and special districts. Out of those, 34 agencies received an approval.

Because there were three awards in Dolores County, and representatives came in person to accept the awards, District 58 Colorado House Representative Marc Catlin came from an open legislative session to present the awards to Dolores County and Dove Creek.

Catlin stated that he wanted to come out in person because he felt it is always awesome to see Dolores County putting itself on the map.

Due to the small population of Dolores County, all government agencies, including Special Districts qualify for a website utilizing the robust and secure framework of the State at no charge.

The additional micro-grants were applied for to provide initial website structure and design of these new web properties.. 

Keith Keesling from the Office of Emergency Management worked together with and prepared the grant requests for all three agencies.

More details on the micro-grants and event will follow in our April 25th issue.

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